Nicolò Brunelli was born on 18 October 1986. He lives in Salò, a small town on the shores of Lake Garda. He works at his studio located in the small town of Salò. He began his artistic experience at the “Art Institute” of Gargnano, where he began to understand and realize his first artistic works. Nurtures a love of art, which then leads to enroll in the course of “Stage Design for the Theatre” at LABA in Brescia, where he graduated in February 2011 followed by Professor Albano Morandi.

In the same year, he enrolled at the Master of Photography always at LABA in 2012 and worked as an assistant professor of Reportage teacher Walter Pescara. Trying to fit into work immediately after leaving university. His first experience with “KnIndustrie” and “Schönhuber Franchi” led him to develop and improve his technique and increase its volume of customers. Still he works for several companies at the national level and is the image of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels of Lake Garda and neighboring.