Art is important for each artist and I mirror myself in this vision using my photography as an expression of reality in a very simple and as realistic as possible. The research and the development of my exhibitions also depend on the type of press; in contact with the best printers, I create a unique and prestigious work.

Here you will find some of my accomplishments. All the photographs below is for sale.


Bar 24 - Salò 2011-2013
Area Dock’s in Brescia – “Artisti in Cantiere” - October 2013
Leonesia “Fondazione Vittorio Leonesio” - March 2014
Wave Photogallery in Brescia "Contrasti" - May / July 2014
Sale Vantini in Salò - "Contrasti" - November 2014
Grande Miglio Castello di Brescia – “Frame” 30 fotografi bresciani - July / October 2015
Mater Dei - Leonesia “Fondazione Vittorio Leonesio” - August 2016
“E’ tempo di abbracci” – Artisti in Cantiere Area Dock’s - January 2017