Toscolano 1381Thanks to the cooperation established with "Toscolano 1381" and especially with the President Filippo Cantoni, my dear friend, I became part of the reality of handmade paper, also having a role as Vice-President. I create and I manage the image of the products working closely with members and the paper masters and studying projects that involved the creation of photographic paper in fine art as well as to make more prestigious the print result.

Below a bit of Toscolano 1381 history:


"Toscolano 1381: a paper, a history, a future" is a project that aims to protect and promote the history and activities stored in the old paper mill of Maina Inferiore, a former factory set in the heart of “Valle delle Cartiere”, among olive trees and lemon house, in Toscolano-Maderno, a municipality has always tied to the history of the paper.

The Foundation "Valle delle Cartiere", together with excellent partners like the Italian Calligraphic Association and the Academy of Fine Arts "Santa Giulia" of Brescia, with this project, funded by Telecom Italy Foundation and the duration of 18 months, want to bet on a place of tradition at risk of disappearing, to revive the craft mastery that brought the Toscolano paper to be known and appreciated all over the world and the rediscovery of which the Foundation wants to believe.

With this project, the manual skills, the production characteristics, the secrets jealously guarded by the master papermakers, would be passed down to new generations thanks to the start of a "Scuola della Carta" which, in addition to the profession of papermaker, also teach the techniques of bookbinding, calligraphy and development of design and art courses involving local and national students to enhance this ancient production center, jewel of “Valle delle Cartiere”.

Thanks to the school and cultural exchanges with other centers of the paper industry tradition, such as the famous “Museum of Fabriano paper”, in the former paper mill “Maina Inferiore” the academic and technical schools students learn a profession and skills necessary to achieve that product quality, handmade paper of Toscolano, which was about to disappear. The project is not just a re-enactment of an ancient craft but rather a productive revival concrete program of the small papermaking center, with a training course realized together with industry experts, and that it can offer a source of employment for the future, starting with a profession of the past.

The products made in the old paper mill are then placed on the market with commercial and technological partners that will be developed. With a modern language and with the use of new media communication techniques the “Toscolano paper” is told to the world: 3D photography, web graphics with emphasis on the experience touch-screen, sensory pathways, contest for young video makers, an e- multilingual shop and an

app dedicated to the handmade paper that put a network of national museums paper, telling stories and different paths but a common product.

"Toscolano 1381": an old paper mill, a handmade paper, an ancient history… come back to live!